April 5, 2018

"Great ranch with great people. I could not be more pleased. They always call with any updates or offers. They have horsey chiropractor come out I f you would like. Private time in the pasture weekly. There's almost always somewhere for you to be able to work your horse. Affordable parking spots for trailer parking. This place is overall just very accommodating and super friendly"
December 18, 2017

"I have been boarding here for I believe 4 years now. I do self care and love It! The facility is close to my home, I love having an area and roundpen and easy access to Fountain Creek. Probably one of the most affordable place you can find. Lots of great people!!!"
October 25, 2017

"Great place to board your horse. Other boarders are super nice and friendly. For full care, Tamarack does an excellent job of ensuring that your horse is properly fed, watered, and bedded in a clean paddock every day. They go the extra mile, when it comes to taken care of your equine friend! You can guarantee that they will do the right thing, when you are not present. No complaints or issues from me, the whole time I was there!!!"
Tamarack Boarding Ranch